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Business Identity Fields

  • Company legal name
  • Company registered address
  • Company registration number
  • Company status (active, inactive)
  • Company date founded
  • BQ ID
  • All active U.S. companies (approx. 40 million)

Enhanced Firmographics Fields

  • The Firmographics dataset product provides in-depth firmographic information on more than 40 million active companies.
  • Core Firmographics: Identifiers (BQ ID, LEI, EIN etc.), year founded, Ticker, LinkedIn URL, Website, Phone Number
  • Business demographics: business name, address, latitude/longitude, city, state, MSA
  • Industry designation: primary and secondary SIC and NAICS codes, IRS Sector and Industry
  • Key Indicators: Non-profit vs For Profit, Is S&P 500, Is Public, Company Has Benefit.

Financials & Employment



  • Payroll (Dept of Labor, most recent quarter)
  • Financials (net income, EBITDA, gross margin, total assets)
  • Credit metrics (profit margins, financial ratios)
  • 1-year growth rates (revenue, employment, payroll, net income)
  • All active U.S. companies (approx. 40 million)

Historical Financials

  • Current, quarterly, and annual historical numbers back to 2010
  • All active U.S. companies (approx. 40 million)

Product Description

This product includes a comprehensive and detailed overview of the financial performance of the businesses. This product includes crucial information such as revenue, profitability, year founded, company number, and financial trends over time. This product serves as a valuable resource for conducting in-depth financial analysis, facilitating benchmarking and assessing business performance. This product includes:

  • The Financials & Employment product provides comprehensive monthly, quarterly, annual and most recent financial, employment benefits and other risk & performance growth data on all 40+ million active companies across multiple sectors. Below is a strategic compilation of essential attributes spread across various key categories
  • Financials: Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income, Gross Profit, Total Assets, Operating Expenses 
  • Current and historical financial data are available on a quarterly basis, while employment and payroll data are available monthly, stretching back to January 2010.
  • Employee Benefits: Health Insurance Indicators, Pension Plans, Welfare Score, Retirement Score 
  • Risk & Performance Metrics: Credit Score, Small and Medium Business (SMB) Probability Default, Revenue Growth YoY, Asset Turnover. Financials and other metrics are calculated as trailing twelve months (TTM) on a quarterly basis, and employment and payroll are for the most recent month.

Value-added models and metrics

  • ESG: Welfare Score model – value added metrics
  • Financial includes revenue, EBITDA, Income, COGS, margins, CAGRS

Beneficial Owner & Corporate Family Tree



  • Directors, officers, business owners
  • Establishments / locations operated by the company
  • Parent of the legal entity (if any)
  • Ultimate parent of the legal entity (if any)
  • Children (subsidiaries) of the legal entity (if any)
  • All active U.S. companies (approx. 40 million)
  • All active U.S. establishments / locations (approx. 60 million)
  • Over 100 million directors, officers, business owners


  • Full US Corporate Family Tree
  • Directors, Officers, Owners
  • 88M legal entities, 100M establishments/locations, 100M people
  • Linkages across the US and all State filings, except Illinois

BQ Equity & Delaware Data Feed



  • All filings for DE-domiciled US companies
  • Tracks each capital raise data, amount, share class. Also, total asset balance per raise.


  • Large majority of VC-backed companies HQ in Delaware: All filings for DE-domiciled US companies
  • BQ is the only solution for structured DE data for this purpose: our unique relationship with DE allows daily pulls of data, not PDF reports requiring human/legal review.
  • Self -reported and press release versions of this data are delayed, wrong, or omitted (ie Pitchbook, Crunchbase)
  • Pulls back the corporate veil that “Registered Agent” mechanism creates
  • Complete data. Not self-reported. Real filing data, in real-time.


Search API

Lookup specific companies using sophisticated fuzzy matching algorithms, leveraging company name, address, EIN, ticker, website, and other identifying information.

List API


Build a list of companies using over 100 filters such as revenue, employment, industry, year founded and public/private.

Batch API


Upload a list of up to one million companies to be matched programmatically and download the list of associated firmographics.



Extract detailed firmographics, monthly, quarterly and annual historical financial and employment information on up to one million companies and industries you have selected.

BrightQuery Matching

Data is dirty, especially company data, and matching can be difficult but fruitful exercise. Effective matching is the starting-point for any BrightQuery engagement. 


company target1

BQ first looks to Company-based information to determine the actual entity being looked-up.


person target1

Many company records actually point first to a person, usually an owner, and their home address. 

BQ includes sole-proprietor lookup, so we can lookup the entity from the owner’s information. 

BQ Entity Resolution & MDM Process

Matching is key to customer success; learn about how BrightQuery tackles the matching challenge


  • Name (Business or Owner)
  • Address (Business or Residential)
  • Phone
  • Domain/Website URL
  • EIN


  • Clean name using IRS
  • Clean address using USPS
  • Leverage complete set of business locations from DOL
  • Eliminate duplicates
  • Draw from history of filings (previous name, address)
  • BQ uses proprietary fuzzy matching algorithms that can be customized to meet client-specific criteria


  • Deliver new database with verified EIN, legal name, address, revenue, employment, directors, officers, corporate family tree


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