Identify and qualify prospects based on their financials, monthly employment trends, quarterly growth patterns

Timely, Accurate & Complete Coverage

BQ Firmographic data is the most accurate, Audited & verified private and public company data you get your hands on.

B2B Data Filters Include Growth Metrics

Whether you are Prospecting, Segmenting or micro-targeting with Account-based solutions - BQ gives you the competitive advantage. BQ data permits filtering by employment and revenue growth unlike other traditional data providers.

CRM Enhancement

BQ data solutions can enhance your existing data, or add value via CRM integrations.

The Private Company Data Source

BrightQuery is the sole provider of historical and current financials, employment and payroll data for over 40m private U.S. companies, sour

Timely, Accurate & Complete

BQ Data is the only firmographics which also provide up-to-date visibility into potential target’s financials, payroll, headcount and benefits - with historical trends, allowing you to provide a new level of targeting and prospecting.

Plus Company Contacts

BQ also has contact information for your targets, including name, title, email, phone and location of verified employees, directors and officers.

Use Cases


B2B Sales & Marketing​

Solutions for Prospecting, Account Based Management (ABM), Sales Management, Market Segmentation and CRM Integration

Solutions including Macro Analysis, Market Sizing and Spatial Mapping.

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