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Discover the true revenue, headcount, and NAICS of your prospective & existing small business clients

Timely & Accurate Company Data

BQ is the sole provider of historical and current quarterly financials, monthly employment and payroll data for both public and private U.S. companies, sourced from validated government filings.

Know Your Clients

BQ has verified business identity and financial history to help you investigate and understand your customers.

MDM (Master Data Management)

Match & append verified audited firmographics to existing small business client records and find better leads with contact information with BQ data.

BAI (Bank Administration Institute)

BAI has partnered with BQ to provide statistical industry and geographic data for their banking clients to understand where market potential for client acquisition exists. If you are a BAI member bank, please Click Here to learn more about BQ-BAI products and services.

Target the Right Markets

Clean and enrich your data to understand more about your client’s industry, growth, size, geographic areas and financials from official government sources.

Use Cases


B2B Sales & Marketing​

Solutions for Prospecting, Account Based Management (ABM), Sales Management, Market Segmentation and CRM Integration
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Solutions including Employment Trends, Occupational Employment, Credit Risk and more.

Accurate and verified firmographic and financial data for MDM/Entity Resolution.


Solutions including Macro Analysis, Market Sizing and Spatial Mapping.

Solutions for KYC/KYV, Regulatory Compliance and other broad applications

Solutions for Credit Evaluation, Underwriting and SME Default Risk Mitigation

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