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The Bank Administration Institute (“BAI”) and BrightQuery announce the formation of a  Strategic Alliance to provide powerful Business Banking Analytics and Insights.

Recognizing the importance of providing powerful data and analytics in business banking, BAI, a nonprofit independent organization that delivers the financial services industry’s most actionable insights, and BrightQuery (“BQ”), the leading experts in sourcing, organizing and analyzing government-filed company and employment data, announced a Strategic Alliance.

This collaboration will provide financial services leaders with the data and analytics they need so they have the clarity and confidence to make smart, strategic decisions for their organizations and the clients that they serve.

With their combined subject matter expertise and data, BAI and BQ will provide the industry with a unique and proprietary approach to building a profile of companies which gives banks up-to-date financial and employment insights on all public and private companies.  This will give financial services organizations the ability to analyze, assess and strategize more efficiently and move their organizations forward.

BQ provides quarterly financials, monthly employment and payroll data, and firmographics on all active U.S. private and public companies, going back to January 2010. There are over 6 million companies with employees and over 25 million sole proprietors, all of which are tracked by BQ. The information is based on verified filings and reports from the IRS, Dept. of Labor, SEC, SBA, USPS, and Secretaries of State.

“Financial services leaders understand that in order to better serve their customers they need to take full advantage of the insights provided by industry experts,” said Karl Dahlgren, Managing Director at BAI. “We are excited about the powerful information we will be able to provide the industry by combining insights and data from our unique organizations.”

Dr. Anthony Chan, Chief Economist of BQ, and former Chief Economist of JP Morgan Chase, stated: “Throughout my career, I tracked employment and financial market data, and as strategic alliance partners BQ and BAI will use disaggregated data from BQ to provide our collective banking clients with a deeper understanding of local economic conditions within their relevant markets.”

About BAI
As a nonprofit, independent organization, BAI has delivered the financial services industry’s most actionable insights for more than 95 years, helping leaders make smart business decisions every day. We provide in-depth, proprietary research to more than 40 of the top US banks, support more than 2,100 financial services organizations with compliance and professional development training, provide trusted, relevant thought leadership through BAI Banking Strategies reports, podcasts and webinars, and offer specialized events and programs. For more information, visit

About BrightQuery

We are the leading experts in sourcing, organizing and analyzing government filings on companies both public and private. Our data solutions are foundational and distinguished for being trusted, accurate and data-rich.  BQ has a unique capability to analyze private companies in the same way other groups analyze public companies.  BQ is the only company that can provide comprehensive information which is accurate, audited and verified for global private companies including people data. For more information, visit



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