Having trouble accessing your tenants core data & financials?
BrightQuery powers intelligent real-estate decisions throughout the CRE asset life cycle: Acquisitions, Portfolio Management & Dispositions

Timely, Accurate & Complete Coverage

BQ is the sole provider of historical and current financials, employment and payroll data for over 40m private U.S. companies, sourced from validated government filings.

View Private Companies as if they are Public

BQ Data is the only firmographics which also provide up-to-date visibility into a tenants’ financials, payroll, headcount and benefits - with historical trends, allowing you to provide a new level of underwriting and monitoring.


BQ permits viewing of private tenant data/ core financials without requesting financials from the tenant. Monthly data updates permit monitoring tenants over the life of the lease.


BQ does monthly verification of all US based companies with government authorities to ensure proper compliance.

B2B Market Canvassing

Tenant Lists can be viewed by filtering addresses, geographic areas, NAICS Industries size of financials, employment, spend, growth or profit margins.

Market Intelligence

BQ aggregated company level data permits Instant Economic analysis of Sectors, Industries by geographic areas. Review employment and financial trends updated monthly to understand the current demand side of space.

Portfolio Management

Aggregate tenants size, employment, growth and other metrics by Industry for understanding portfolio risk and diversification.

Use Cases


B2B Sales & Marketing​

Solutions for Prospecting, Account Based Management (ABM), Sales Management, Market Segmentation and CRM Integration

Solutions for Credit Evaluation, Underwriting and SME Default Risk Mitigation


Solutions including Macro Analysis, Market Sizing and Spatial Mapping.

Solutions for KYC/KYV, Regulatory Compliance and other broad applications

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